Friday, July 22, 2011

Do You Believe in MIRACLEs?

Hmmm... I kind of do but I think it depends on the day.  It is such an easy word to toss around but sometimes you can't help but acknowledging an event as such.
Miracle Workshop on the Go - Layout 1 taught in class.
The Miracle of being a mom and celebrating mother's day with my children and husband is a tremendous joy for me...

Miracle Workshop on the Go - layout 2 on your own

The Miracle of the 1st Night Nathan slept in a big boy bed that had been passed down by his big brother Marc - is such a vivid reminder of how time flies on by...

Miracle layout using Stickease and Magic book
The Miracle to have been blessed with my first child and becoming a mother for the first time...nothing more joyous than knowing your life extends beyond your own existence and to bring true understanding on what it means to be a parent.

Miracle layout using Stickease and Magic book.
So Miracles can present themselves in many ways...but always out of true awareness of what makes them a miracle to you. 

Hope you join me to preserve your joyous moments and create these fun layouts too! 

Class Date: Wednesday, August 24
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Canyon Springs Clubhouse (Boynton)
Fee: $35

  • Full Miracle Level 2 paper pack
  • Full Pack of Kraft Adhesive Borders
  • Exclusive Stamp Set
  • Full Color Brochure
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If you can't attend but would like to purchase your kit, please click here!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Convention Memories and New Found Goals...

Wow talk about a great time in Anaheim.... I wish as I had planned, I had blogged during the event but our beautiful hotel was having some serious wifi connectivity issues and left us hanging.  But oh well, here is a little recap:
First, I made sure that my team mates felt welcome and I prepared these little creative journals inspired by those made by Lisa Stenz and wrapped them in cello bags with some snacks for their trip. And of course in true scrapbooking fashion a la Sheryl, we made sure we had plenty of wine for our room.

The first day was Leadership day and there was a lot of training and some glimpses of all the positive and amazing changes to come.  As Jeanette says, "we sometimes need to let go of something good, to bring something even better."

It was awesome to finally welcome my team members and we started with a fun dinner at House of Blues.  The weather in Anaheim was amazing!!

Here is some of the Memories by Design Team members with our 2nd and 3rd uplines, Julie Reynolds and Karen Morris.  Karen's team - the Dream Team is the largest in the company and Karen was just awarded the very prestigious Spirit of Close to My Heart award! Julie was also inducted into this year's Advisory Board.  We sure are well represented!!

Simple things make me happy!!! I had reserved seating on the black Director Chairs! So exciting!!

Hubby Steve got us all "Bling on the Scrap" tshirts!!

Soon to be Manager, Jodie Coffman with her new downline Jane Registre!
Happy to be with my team members! Here I am with Nikki Velasco!

And of course we scrapped!

And had some fun!

And we laughed...

                                       And laughed...

                                And of course, were inspired by the new Idea Book!
And will continue to be inspired, of course and the Stars will Shine Bright in DALLAS in 2012!!
And did I mention, I got ot go on STAGE:

Thank you Memories by Design Team for your support and thank you all other leaders for the inspiration.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

C-1: Finally Here!!!

So excited to be in Anaheim!!! The weather is perfect! The excitement is growing.  Checked into the hotel and there are a ton of consultants already here! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Journey to Director - A Chronical Beginning.

At last years convention in Washington, after all the fervor of the new products, the creative classes, the business classes, the camaraderie with my team and all the fun that comes with this event, I had a clear mission:  achieve the title of Director by Convention 2011.  I wanted the recognition, the onstage fun, the extra goodies and gifts and all the perks of getting there.  So I embarked on a mission to recruit and grow an  already awesome, talented and dedicated team and make my vision of the Memories by Design presence in the Close to My Heart family a bit more pronounced. 

When Close to My Heart announced their wonderful promotion in June that included the best ever Consultant kit offer, I rolled up my sleeves, picked up the phone and started sharing.  Sharing the wonderful opportunity that the company offers, the fantastic top shelf scrapbooking products that are so coveted in the crafting industry and the fun and joy that comes with building your own business around what you already love to do.  Basically, get paid to scrapbook your family & friends. 

So recruit I did and I added 13 new consultants to my team with an additional two team members brought in by my downline.  And yes, I made Director.  I think I exhaled for the first time in thirty days when my title officially changed on my business welcome screen!! The morning it happened, I was surprised by my upline, Janet Swann with a whole bouquet of balloons at work- one for each new team member. 

Just last week, I received a little extra surprise from Corporate for reaching my title and getting me ready for Anaheim.  A big box was at my doorstep that I was not expecting :):

So now that the team has started to sprout and Convention is upon us, I have decided to tweet (@sheryllevinson) and blog for all of you that will not be able to be there, to experience with me the new products that will be launched, new announcements that will be shared and the excitement and my experience of being a first time Director at Convention.  I would like to share with you my Chronicles from Director's Row.  I will be updating the blog daily during Convention days July 12-16.  So I hope you join me and hopefully be inspired and plan to be at Convention 2012!!