Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stretching Your Workshops!

It always amazes me how much product you actually get with Close to My Heart's Workshop on the Go kits.  For only $34.50 you get 12 sheets of double sided printed paper, 10 sheets of cardstock, an exclusive stamp set, an accessory pack or two and a full-color brochure.  Unheard of! Plus everything is perfectly coordinated for you - no guesswork on matching hues and accessories.  Just pure creative fun.  In class we always work on one layout together, and you have leftover paper to do the complete the suggested second double page layout on your own.  You even have paper and directions to make some beautiful cards.

I love to incorporate My Stickease into my workshops with sometimes a few added pieces of cardstock to stretch my paper pack even further.  See those two layouts above?  Well, I added the Stickease for Fanfare to my workshop, the red designer buttons and voila! Two more fun layouts!  The bottom layout has also been glitterized with Glitz Glitter Gel ready for some Fourth of July fun!  But guess what?  I still have more paper...I will post some fun creative projects I made for my team recognition gifts next week so stay tuned!

Want to add Stickease to your Fanfare workshop?  Click here to check them out!

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